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Savannah Barrett

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How long have you been dancing at The Centre? 
 13 years
What are your plans for next year ?
“I will attend Tennessee Tech majoring in nursing.”
What have you loved about dancing at The Centre? 
“I have loved the relationships the most. With the students, the parents, the teachers. I wouldn’t trade those connections for anything.”
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Favorite Dance Memory
 “My favorite dance memory is performing Waiting Here for You at Dance Revolution. Never have I ever been so lost in worship and left so much of myself on the stage.”
Why did you start dancing?
“My mom got me started in dancing and she constantly pushed me to keep going and encouraged me every step of my dance career.”
Word of Advice or Encouragement to leave with our dancers?
“I would encourage the remaining dancers at the centre to savor the little moments because they go by so fast. Faster than you know it. That moment that you finally master a movement, that moment where you are waiting to start class just talking with your friends, that moment where you are pushed to try harder than you ever have before; they mean something. They’re fleeting and hard to recognize, but not hard to find. Look for those precious moments and keep them close to you.”
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