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Lena Hawk

How long have you been dancing at The Centre?  7 years
What are your plans for next year ?
 I am pursing several opportunities and hope to keep dancing.
What have you loved about dancing at The Centre? 
“I love everything about the Centre! I especially love the atmosphere of worship, and the constant push for excellence and integrity. I’m incredibly thankful for all the wonderful teachers and staff, I would not be the dancer or person I am today without the Centre! The Centre is literally my home away from home, and I am so thankful for that!”
Favorite Dance Memory
Wow I have so many! One of my favorite memories would have to be traveling to Asheville with senior company, that was an amazing weekend together! Oh and of course when I got my pointe shoes:)
Why did you start dancing?
When I was little I would dress up as a ballerina and dance around the house, so my mom decided to put me in dance class. Long story short, I loved it and now I cant even imagine my life without it!
Word of Advice or Encouragement to leave with our dancers?
“Always push yourself to be the best you can possibly be, whether that means becoming a great dancer or challenging yourself to uphold integrity as a person. Just know that you are always enough, because that’s what our heavenly father says you are! Even when you are tired of doing plies and tendues, I want to encourage you to not give up and reach for your dreams!”
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