Now Enrolling For Spring Mini Season and Summer!

We are excited about our Nutcracker Auditions for  Ages 9 & UpTomorrow! (See our Nutcracker Details Here) .

Enrollment for Children’s Dances is already open!

Here is a little of what you can expect at the Audition.

1) Auditions are much like Rehearsals. Dancers will learn some choreography from different parts of the ballet  and be asked to perform it for us  in small groups. This helps us know what character and style of dance best fits each dancer. 

2) Ballet Dancers should wear a leotard, tights, ballet shoes (optional ballet skirt) and hair in a bun. Pointe with 2 years of pointe experience dancers should bring their pointe shoes and plan to audition certain parts en pointe. 

3) Our goal is to place every dancer in at least one role, the audition is to determine the best role for them! 

** Participation Fees are due at the audition. Parents will also receive a form via email where they can sign-up to volunteer!

Having a Great Audition

1) Plan ahead. Plan your ride, outfit, hair and arrival to leave plenty of time for stretching and relaxing. We will not be warming dancers up during the audition, so be sure to warm-up before! 

2.) Smile! jump into roles you are presented with and give it everything you’ve got!

2) Relax and have fun! This is a friendly, positive experience and a GREAT preparation for other audition experiences, such as show choirs, dance teams, and theater. “Learn the ropes” about auditioning in a safe environment!


1) Our staff will place dancers in the roles that fit both them and the storyline the best. Some dancers may be given multiple roles. 

2) You will be notified of Cast Placements via email in about a week. You will receive a Rehearsal schedule when Cast Placements are released. 

3.) All dancers’ attitudes towards classmates and teachers will be observed throughout the rest of the rehearsals as we are looking for humble, respectful and gracious dancers. We have no tolerance for boasting, bragging, disrespect or unnecessary drama. Should a dancer have an attitude or behavioral issue, we will contact the parents to discuss their involvement in the Nutcracker.

What if I don’t get the Part(s) I wanted?        


  • There is something to be learned from any audition, regardless of the outcome. Dancers who are not selected for the roles they want should be encouraged to keep dancing, enjoy and embrace the experience this time and audition for those roles again in the future! Dancers who are selected for lead roles or their dream part should be humbled by the opportunity and gracious towards others. Attitudes at the end of auditions sometimes reveal more than the actual audition itself and make a lasting impression…

make yours a good one!

We look forward to a wonderful Nutcracker Season and can’t wait to see you shine on stage!

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