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With our focus on Connection this season, we asked our staff to tell you a little bit more about themselves. As we head into the holiday season, we thought a “My Favorite Things” focus would be perfect!

 ” Being a teacher at the Centre is a true joy! I am so privileged and blessed to be apart of a team that inspires and encourages me to not only be the best teacher I can be, but to truly use the gifts and talents of creativity the Lord has given me. My desire as a teacher is to encourage, motivate, and inspire my students to not only become great dancers and to be excellent in their craft of dance, but to know that they are an important part in keeping this art form alive and that they each have a creative voice that matters in this world! ”  – Anna Higgins



Birthday: November 5th

Scent: Vanilla/Balsam Woods/Warm Smells

Color: Green


Food:Mexican /Peanut M&Ms/Thai Food

Candy: Peanut M&M’s / Sour Patch Kids

Hot Drink: London Fog (Earl Grey latte with vanilla)

Cold Drink: Mocha Frapp

Sweet Treat: Tirimisu



Hobbies: Watercoloring/Hiking

Restaurants:House of Thai, Cinco Amigo, Persis

Shopping: TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Amazon

Gift Cards To: Poet’s, Great Harvest


Thing’s That Aren’t My favorite:

  • Meat Loaf


Carrots, Peas, Nuts

A little bit about me:

I Love Jesus, love dancing, love family and love creativity!





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