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The Centre is so much more than a job for me. The staff, parents, and children have all become an extended family! I love that all of us together are truly making a difference in the lives of the kids! Being able to see our students build skills to help them in and out of the classroom fills me with joy, and I adore getting to know our families! I want everyone to know that when you come to The Centre, you join our family, and are ALWAYS welcomed with open arms!      -Anita


Anita Espiritu-

Birthday: July 7th

Scent: Citrus, herbs, fruity

Color: School Bus Yellow

Team: Ravenclaw (No, really, not a Sports person)

Food: Sushi…or Mac-n-Cheese

Candy: Gummy Lifesavers

Hot Drink: Tea

Cold Drink: Lemonade

Sweet Treat: Chess Squares

Flower: Black Rose, but honestly not a fan of floral things

Animal: Rat/Cat

Hobbies: Read, Knit

Restaurants: any

Shopping: Thrift Stores, Torrid

Gift Cards To: ??

Things That are Not My Favorite : Chocolate, Coffee, Monograms (I’m not that Southern yet!)


Allergies: none


A little bit about me: I love nerdy things, like books and science. I ADORE Harry Potter. I would really rather be with my cats than anywhere on earth (A close second would be a cruise ship!). I love cooking and relaxing at home!

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