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Important Upcoming Dates:

Roll Up Your Sleeves – January 21st

Crazy Bun Week – February 6th-10th

Spirit Week – March 20th-24th

Upper Division Spring Concerts- April 13th – 15th

Lower Division Spring Concerts- May 19, 20, and 21


Roll Up Your Sleeves – Tuition Credit!

It’s time for another amazing Roll Up Your Sleeves Weekend! We know  our families you would love the chance to earn some tuition credit! Bring a  few family members and  join us January 21st to to earn a tuition credit, connect with Centre Family members and spruce up the studios!  


 Concert Attendance Policy

Class attendance this time of year is very important as we prepare students for the concert! All classes are prepping for the concert:  children’s classes are working on small pieces that will all come together to be their dance, while Upper Division dancers are starting to learn choreography to their music… but all of the pieces are really important!

We allow 4 total absences per class  from January  through Concert, Essentially one per month. This is to ensure that the dancers are able to really shine on stage and get the most out of the experience! If you are going to miss a class, please let us know in advance.  We encourage you to make up missed classes, especially if there is a class that is learning the same dance! We do appreciate doctors notes and will require a doctor’s note, or note from a teacher or parent for Senior Division Dancers. 

As always, we are happy to work with you to accommodate you the best we can while still offering the best preparation and experience for the majority of the dancers in the class.

New Year, New You… Let’s Tackle Dress Code

It’s the new year, and this a great time to go through your dance bag and make sure you have all of the required items. Our teachers have reported that towards the end of the year, students were struggling with dress and hair codes, especially the no panties rule and hair in a bun for Ages 7 & above. As we prepare for concert, it is important for students to get used to these things so they will be prepared for the stage. So here’s to new beginnings and starting this year with a fresh start and a heads up that we will be paying attention to  dress and hair codes. Please let us know if we can answer any questions, or assist you in any way! 

Here is a link to our dress code.


Ballroom Workshops!

There is no better way to stay in shape and have a great time doing it than dance! Why not come try Ballroom? We offer monthly workshops in a variety of styles. They are perfect for the beginner or the experienced dancer! They are also a great date night activity! We are conveniently located near a variety of wonderful local restaurants, so why not make an evening of dinner and dancing? Here is our Ballroom schedule– Call today to get enrolled!!

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

When it’s cold outside, your dancer may want to layer over their leo and tights. We do not permit baggy t-shirts and shorts because those do not really aid in warming the body effectively and are not conducive to proper technique.  We DO ALLOW form-fitting dance sweaters, and leg warmers, or company jackets.  (black  for upper division, pink or black for lower division). Upper Division students are also encouraged to do their warm-up with extra layers on before class begins so they are warmed-up when class starts.

You can order warm-up items from our online store here.

Here is a link to our dress code.


Make Up Classes

Please be reminded that you can make up any classes you miss, for snow or sickness or otherwise, in any other class we offer! We do recommend that you try to attend another class in your child’s age group, but if that is not possible, a level below is fine as well!! Here is a link to our lower division schedule, and here is a link to our upper division schedule

Costumes are Beginning to Arrive!!

Costumes are coming in droves! We will be trying them on in class to ensure they fit correctly– Please have good attendance the next few weeks!! If you do need to miss classes, please have your students remind their teachers that they need to try costumes on. We will take care on any alterations, organize, label and bag costumes over the next couple months. Costumes should be ready to go home around the end of March! 


5, 8 & 10 Year AWARD FORM

All students who participate on stage will receive a medal, but if your child has been with us 5, 8, or 10 years, they will receive a Special Faithfulness Award! Please be sure to fill out this form to confirm your child’s award. If you have not filled out the award form, your child will not be recognized for the Faithfulness award!!

Here is the 5, 8 & 10 Year award form.


January Coat Drive!

If you have any spare or gently used coats lying around that you feel called to donate, we have a box available at the studio! For the entire month of January, we are accepting donations of coats!



Imagine That! January 28th

Speaking of fun workshops, it isn’t just grown-ups that get all the fun! We have some amazing workshops for littles scheduled, as well! These Saturday classes include a themed craft and dancing, and are perfect for the current dancer, or the dance novice! The January Mighty Minis is a Hip Hop Workshop with the amazing Mr. Caleb! 

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