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Important Upcoming Dates:

Crazy Bun Week February 6th-10th

Classes Closed February 10th

Make-ups & Roll Up Your Sleeves February 18th

Upper Division Parent-Teacher Conferences February 25th

Centre Spirit Week March 20th-24th

Children’s Div. Concert Pictures March 27th – 31st

Upper Division Pictures & In Class Dress Rehearsal April 3rd – 7th

Upper Division Spring Concerts- April 13th-15th

Lower Division Spring Concerts- May 19th-21st


Crazy Bun Week, February 6th-9th!!

What kind of crazy, sassy style can you and your little one come up with for this week?? Dancers are free to do whatever they would like with their hair, provided it is still in dress code (Up off the neck for Ballet and Modern, pulled back for Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Tap) Go crazy with fun colors or creative decorations!



No Classes February 10th!

Just a reminder that all classes are cancelled on February 10th, as all staff will be heading to Dance Revolution in North Carolina! Make-ups for Tap and Excel will be held Saturday, February 18th to work on concert dances, so please let us know if you will not be able to attend! 

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Ballroom Workshop!

Our next Ballroom workshop is February 17th! This is a GREAT Valentine’s idea. Come join us for the East Cost Swing and the Foxtrot! Just $30 per person!! Call today to get enrolled!



Roll Up Your Sleeves – Tuition Credit!

It’s time for another amazing Roll Up Your Sleeves Weekend!  We did not have enough interest last month so here’s to trying again! We know  our families you would love the chance to earn some tuition credit! Bring a  few family members and  join us February 18th, to connect with Centre Family members and spruce up the studios!  We will be emailing a sign-up link out!


Performance Fee

You may have noticed that your account was drafted on the 1st. Just a reminder, this was for the performance fee, which includes your childs’ t-shirt, dvd, and yearbook for the year! We are so excited to be able to share the t-shirt design with you in the coming weeks!!!


Spring Concert Info

Here is a reminder of our important Spring concert info and schedules ! You can also access this info through the Parents Page of our website! 

Upper Division Concert Information

Children’s Division Concert Information


5, 8 & 10 Year AWARD FORM

All students who participate on stage will receive a medal, but if your child has been with us 5, 8, or 10 years, they will receive a Special Faithfulness Award! Please be sure to fill out this form to confirm your child’s award. If you have not filled out the award form, your child will not be recognized for the Faithfulness award!!

Here is the 5, 8 & 10 Year award form.

Summer Info!

We are getting ready to Open Summer Registration in the next few weeks! Here is a sneak peak at our plans so you can mark your calendars!



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Yearbook Ads!

The time has come again for Yearbook Ads! Personal ads are a great way to recognize your dancers’ achievements and let them know how proud you are! Business ads are a fantastic way to earn credits towards classes next year! Hurry, hurry– Ads are due April 1st!

Here is the link to the Personal Ad Form

Here is the link to the Business Ad Form


Make Up Classes

Please be reminded that you can make up any classes you miss, for snow or sickness or otherwise, in any other class we offer! We do recommend that you try to attend another class in your child’s age group, but if that is not possible, a level below is fine as well!! Here is a link to our lower division schedule, and here is a link to our upper division schedule

Get Your Merchandise While Supplies Last!

We have the Season’s clothing line in. Hurry in to get everything you need before it’s gone!


New Mini Season Class!

Refer Your Friends for our new Mini Season and get a Referral Credit!

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