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Ages 2-4

  • Monthly Tuition
  • 1st class $39
  • 2nd class $35
  • 3rd class $21
  • 4th class $27
  • 5th class $23
  • Costume & Performance Fees
  • Membership Fee -$30
  • Costume Fee – $70 + Tax
  • Performance package -$55
  • 2nd student – $38
  • Includes DVD/T-shirt/Yearbook

Dance Classes- Jul 30th 2018 – May 24th 2019

Class Description:
This class is wonderful introduction to dance for very young child! Dancers will explore the wonders of dance through songs, games and props in a relaxed setting that teaching them the basic or participating in a group class while letting the explore all that dance has to offer!
2017-2018 Season

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Class Description:
This class begins with a Circle Warm-up that may include sing-a-long songs or rhymes to keep the young dancer engaged. Students then move to Centre Work where dancers learn basic ballet steps and vocabulary. Students will work on strong arms, stretching their toes, balancing, twirling, and Jumping during centre work. Students then move to the Across the Floor section of class where they practice locomotor movements that will later translate to many different dance styles. These steps may include: gallops, skips, walks, jumps, & leaps.  Fun songs and activities such as the freeze game and moving like animals are used throughout the class to enrich the learning experience. The class ends with a free-dance with props to a worship song and then Reverence where the students bow to thank their teachers and classmates

Dress Code:
pink leotard, pink footless tights, preferably NO Skirts , hair in ponytail or bun

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2018-2019 Season

Monday          6:15 – 7:00
Tuesday         4:30 – 5:15
Wednesday 10:30 – 11.15
Wednesday  4:00 – 4:45
Wednesday   5:00 – 5:45

Class Description:
Children’s company is open to ALL students ages 6 and up who are enrolled in a minimum of two classes. Mini company is open to ALL students ages 4-5 who are enrolled in at least one class. Companies are focused on worship and outreach and are perfect for the dancerwho loves to perform and wants to perform all season long! In addition to the May concert. company dancers get to perform in the December and April concerts as well.


$28 per month

2018-2019 Season

Children’s Company

Friday 6:15 – 6:45

Mini Company

Monday 5:45 – 6:15

Class Description:
This class focuses on technique, strength and flexibility. EXCEL students will perform in the April concert and are highly encouraged to participate in the company as well. EXCEL goes beyond the basic dance class with emphasis on technique.It will prepare your young dancers for a strong future in dance as well as placement in upper division EXCEL classes and special performing groups. Dancers must attend an audition before enrolling.


$28 per month

$40(together) if enrolled in Company and Excel

2018-2019 Season

Friday 5:45 – 6:15

Office Hours

  • Monday: 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.30 - 7.00
  • Tuesday: 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.30 - 7.00
  • Wednesday: 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.30 - 5.30
  • Thursday: 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.30 - 7.00
  • Friday: 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.30 - 7.00

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