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  • Patience – January Devotion!

    Written By: Leah Smith Patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. When most people think of patience, we think of waiting. Waiting for Christmas or birthdays, waiting for food to be done cooking, waiting for our turn at an activity, or waiting until we are old..

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  • October News!

    This Week: Discover Dance and Dress To Express! We encourage you to bring a friend to dance, try a new class or discover a new dance style with a friend! To make our friends feel welcome, dancers are not required to be in dress code this week. See the image for details!      ..

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  • September News!

    We are having a wonderful beginning to the school year here at The Centre! Here is just a quick, bite-size newsletter with all of the answers to your questions, and those you didn’t even know you had, lol! We only close one week for Fall Break, but we know many students will be out other..

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  • Nutcracker Audition Expectations

    We are excited about our Nutcracker Auditions for  Ages 9 & UpTomorrow! (See our Nutcracker Details Here) . Enrollment for Children’s Dances is already open! Here is a little of what you can expect at the Audition. 1) Auditions are much like Rehearsals. Dancers will learn some choreography from different parts of the ballet  and..

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  • Nutcracker Information for Upper Division Dancers Ages 9 & Up!

    Upper Division Dancers Ages 9 and Up are invited to audition for our Nutcracker on August 18th! See the images below for all of the details.  Performances will be held at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center December 1st.  Please Call 931-526-2632 or email us and we can register your dancer for the Auditions! (Click Here..

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  • Season 10 Teachers

    We are excited to welcome many returning teachers as well as several new faces to our team this year! Many of the new faces are actually former dancers and teachers that are returning  and we are thrilled to have this amazing team for our 10th season! Savannah Barrett (SB) – Children’s Division Ballet and Modern..

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  • Senior Spotlight – Kindall Huck

    Kindall Huck What are your plans for next year? Attend Tennessee Tech What have you loved about dancing at The Centre?  Winning fights against Caleb Camacho. Word of Advice or Encouragement to leave with our dancers?  Don’t break your leg like everyone tells you to. I’m stupid, I tried it once. Favorite Dance Memory Beating..

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  • Senior Spotlight – Makaela Huck

    Makaela Huck How long have you been dancing at The Centre?  9 years What are your plans for next year? I’m Planning to continue in dance. What have you loved about dancing at The Centre?  “I get to express my love to God through my dance. And, I love my teachers and my friends.” Favorite Dance..

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