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  • Are You Making This Summer Break Mistake?

      It may be Winter still, but for many, we are already thinking of, and making plans for summer. With this mild Winter weather we have had, we can almost see ourselves on the beach, camping, going on hikes, or even just lounging in a chair in our own backyard. Believe it or not, dance..

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  • Whatever We Do…. Do it For Him!

    I have often heard the question asked, “What is the difference between studios that claim to be Christian and those who do not?” Is there a difference? Simply put, yes. But the difference isn’t in technique or dance styles, necessarily, but in purpose: the purpose of the studio companies, outreach teams, and the purpose for..

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  • Kindness

    Kindness: February Devotion (by: Leah Smith)   Kindness is…. Simple, really. We tend to overcomplicate it, questioning if we should extend that hand; maybe we are scared of what people think, maybe it will inconvenience us, or maybe we genuinely don’t see a need. Sometimes in a moment, I will see a need but question what..

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  • DANCE – What Does it Take?

    DANCE – What Does it Take? I was perusing Pinterest a bit ago and found a picture with the acrostic of D.A.N.C.E. using the words Determined, Athletic, Never Gives Up, Controlled, Emotional. I thought about dance, in general, and how little people tend to understand about the behind-the-scenes of it all. Very few people truly..

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  • Patience – January Devotion!

    Written By: Leah Smith Patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. When most people think of patience, we think of waiting. Waiting for Christmas or birthdays, waiting for food to be done cooking, waiting for our turn at an activity, or waiting until we are old..

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  • October News!

    This Week: Discover Dance and Dress To Express! We encourage you to bring a friend to dance, try a new class or discover a new dance style with a friend! To make our friends feel welcome, dancers are not required to be in dress code this week. See the image for details!      ..

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  • September News!

    We are having a wonderful beginning to the school year here at The Centre! Here is just a quick, bite-size newsletter with all of the answers to your questions, and those you didn’t even know you had, lol! We only close one week for Fall Break, but we know many students will be out other..

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  • Nutcracker Audition Expectations

    We are excited about our Nutcracker Auditions for  Ages 9 & UpTomorrow! (See our Nutcracker Details Here) . Enrollment for Children’s Dances is already open! Here is a little of what you can expect at the Audition. 1) Auditions are much like Rehearsals. Dancers will learn some choreography from different parts of the ballet  and..

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